Guardship ORP Ślązak (Gawron corvette) – accurate, on site machining on the Gdynia Naval Shipyard

WWTECH completed another project of machining with the use of portable devices to the most famous Polish quardship ORP Ślązak. The works were carried out in Gdynia Naval Shipyard.

Construction of Ślązak shipquard has been going on for 14 years.
In 2001, the Polish government launched a program of “Rook” which was to provide 7 modern corvettes for the Polish Navy. Finally, only one ship was left , its completion would cost 1.1 billion dollars. The Ministryof National Defence decided not to finish this vessel and the finished hull, which 400 million zloty was nvested, was intended for the construction of the ORP Ślązak.

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