We acquired certification by Polisch Register of Shipping

Due to the projects implemented for the shipbuilding and offshore industry in the European Union, we underwent certification by the Classification Society – Polish Register of Shipping S.A. The competences confirmed by the PRS certificate allow us to participate in projects which due to the maritime specificity and related regulations must be supervised and approved by the Classification Society.The certificate confirms the suitability of our technologies for marine applications.

The Polish Register of Shipping is a company with traditions dating back to the 1930s. From 1950, PRS operates as a state-owned enterprise. Since 2001, PRS has been operating on the market as a joint-stock company. The Act, adopted by the Polish Parliamentin October 2000, provides that the Polish Register of Shipping S.A. is a classification society whose enterprise is of public interest and the purpose of its activity is the safety of ships, other marine facilities, people and cargo, and the protection of the marine environment.

In 2006, PRS S.A. has been recognized by the European Commission for compliance with Directive 94/57/EC as an organization that can review and issue safety certificates for ships carrying EU flags. Recognition covers ships of all types and sizes subject to the provisions of international conventions that engage in any type of navigation.

The Polish Register of Shipping is also a member of IACS – the International Association of Classification Societies.