The workshop metrology

Well-made measurements – quickly, accurately, repetitively – are a necessary condition of successful project. Two things are necessary for this:

  • appropriate measuring equipment;
  • trained and experienced staff.

The measuring equipment must meet a number of requirements related to the nature of the work: most often there are remote measurement, resistance to humidity, dustiness and temperature changes. These requirements are met by Laser Tracker ™, which we use in our work.

The measurements can be systematized as follows:

  • For the needs of mobile machining:
    • Before machining: initial dimensions and dimensional analysis – determination of allowances, determination of axes and theoretical points, marking out;
    • During machining: dimensional inspection, necessary adjustments, forecasting of work progress;
    • After processing: final dimensions, reporting;
  • Metrological assistance:
    • The service consists in performing measurements for disassembly and assembly works, including mobile machining;
    • Assistance may cover the whole period of activities on the site;
    • The result is ad hoc reports and recommendations as well as a final report.
  • Standalone measurement:
    • Standalone measurement of indicated dimensions, which results in a measurement report or geometry mapping of the object in the form of a CAD model.

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