Working On Special Ship

The shipbuilding industry in Poland does not look as bad as it is commonly thought. Polish private shipyards, in particular, build more and more complex ships, adding more and more added value, competing as well as cooperating with global giants such as Scandinavian ones.

We have recently participated, of course adequately to the nature of our activity, in the construction of a crucial piece of specialist equipment for the ship for laying undersea pipelines. This is a giant spool, used for transporting and laying a prefabricated pipeline (or, for example, an energy cable or optical fiber), which is simply wound on it.

The spool is several meters in diameter and, of course, the surfaces to be treated.

With these dimensions the diameter of the processed ring is over 10 meters. Achieving a total flatness of less than 1 mm and high surface quality is not easy and only possible if the appropriate rigidity of the machine is achieved and the cutting speed is optimally selected: peripheral and rotary milling cutter.

Roll in assembly position on the ship.