HPP Angaback & PGE Dychów Hydroelectric Power Plant

The tiny Angaback hydroelectric power plant, belonging to the Scandinavian giant Statkraft and the Polish large hydropower plant PGE Dychów.
Very similar work involving the machining of a groove for sealing of vanes.
However, the main difference is the diameter of the flow path of the water turbine.
For this reason, we used different machines to achieve the same goal in both cases.

Output [MW] 7 90
Commisioning 1952 1936
Damming [m] 7 18
Type Flow Pumped storage
Number and type of turbines 2 x Kaplan 3 x Kaplan
Machining diameter [mm] 4000 5000
Machine tool FF8200 CM6200
Type of machining Turning Circumferential milling