Due to the projects implemented for the shipbuilding and offshore industry in the European Union, we underwent certification by the Classification Society – Registro Italiano Navale. The competences confirmed by the RINA certificate allow us to participate in projects which due to the maritime specificity and related regulations must be supervised and approved by the Classification Society. The certificate confirms the suitability of our technologies for marine applications.

Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) – an Italian classification society founded in 1861 as Registro Italiano, with headquarters in Genoa. After merging with the competitive Registro Nazionale in 1910, it operated as the Registro Nazionale Italiano, and from 1922 as the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA).

In 1863, RINA issued its first register book, in which 340 vessels were listed.

In 1947-1968, RINA was an institution enforcing the forced registry of all Italian vessels with a capacity exceeding 100 RT.

Registro Italiano Navale has representative offices in all major port cities in the world.Registro Italiano Navale is a member of IACS. (Wikipedia)