Conical holes machining

  On site machining technology developed by our engineers, corresponds to the needs of all branches of industry. Adaptation to various hole sizes allows to work even on large-size assembles andcompact machinery eliminates the problem of difficult access to places that require intervention.

Obróbka otworów stożkowych

  Tapered holes are common in the shipbuilding industry, require the use of such solutions to ensure proper adhesion of the cone to the spindle, even with large machinery or the diameter of the holes. Thanks to our ways of proceeding moving parts to achieve proper adhesion and alignment, and the lack of backlash to uncontrolled fall out of a part.

Obróbka otworów stożkowych

  Works on connections with tapered hole are expected to achieve alignment, the maintenance of the corresponding angle and spacing and dimensions of the hole. In addition, it is indispensable to restore the correct structure of the surface. All of the above requirements are met by the in situ technology used by us.

Conical holes machine tool – special machine

maszyna do otworów stożkowych

We have our own technology and the possibility of precise machining of conical holes in different configurations (single hole; line holes) used in connections of the flap with the rudder, embedding the rudder. We have equipment for both small and large holes.