Specialistic turning

  Machining using a fully portable machines, that is, such that mounts directly on the workpiece, is a technology that can be applied at any stage of the project, starting from the theoretical solutions through build and construction, repairs and upgrades at the time of the operation.

  Experience gained from the work in almost every industry for many companies with national and international reach, allows us to specify our technology as a universal solution of developing methods known so far. And so, to achieve precision equal to that from a stationary workshop, using portable machinery, was backed by overcoming the adverse circumstances. Elimination of costly and prolonged dismantling and transport and complement machining with the current verification and evaluation of the effect, allows even more precise tasks completion.

Toczenie specjalistyczne

  Having our own machines gives our team the freedom to any modification and rebuilding them for each project individually. Qualifications and skills of engineers provide reliability of preparation both in terms of technology, as well as the execution, hence the possibility of machining even of large-size or customised structures and machines.

  Each project is treated individually splitting it in successive stages, starting with the development of the technology to putting the finished item to use. This way we avoid duplication of an existing errors, and continuous control of effects allows verification of chosen methods of operation. There are not too complicated challenges, you only need new solutions.