Cylinder grinding

  To improve the geometrics of the external surface of the cylinder and its structure by using grinding method, which, thanks to a simple and effective solutions, has found its place among the traditional, taking place within the stationary workshops. The reversal of the handling and transfer of activities directly on the place of the day-to-day operation of a cylinder to be grinded is a reduction of the waiting time for the result by omitting the dismantling and transport of the workpiece.

szlifowanie walców

  Removing corrosion and resulting from misaligned or outgoing elements shape errors are the most common problems with which we are dealing. However, as often such faults happen in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the use of our technology allows us to perform even very advanced projects by mounting machine tools directly on the demanding intervention element, regardless of its size or location. An example of a place where the grinding of cylinder with portable machinery much easier to remove such defects may be a steel plant.