Special machining

  Approaching each case individually, designing the most efficient as well as effective solutions and constant improvement of our experience and technology – those are the principles of our success at work. Thanks to the developed, highest standards of work, even the most unconventional project does not discourage us from taking it up.

Naprawa zaworów

    This strategy grows upon a few main characteristics. And this is why we have a wide range of equipment to work on any field and any scale.
All machines we have at our disposal create constantly developing machinery park which takes advantage of the newest solutions. Our authorship technology guarantees that machining is carried out in the highest quality even if the conditions are non-standard or has unusual features. Our own structural office and stationery workshop are the base which guarantees comprehensive realization. Metrological support is the thing that tops everything up – digital measurement is done and analyzed by substantive prepared staff of our engineers.

    What defines our staff is the ability to meet non-standard tasks. Our staff do not settle on repeating gained experience. We work for more innovative, time-saving and costs saving solutions to all the tasks we have. We turn atypicality to dailiness, making it typical.