An industrial metrology

Accurate coordinate measurements by means of portable 3D measuring devices.

Accurate measurements of industrial machinery and their elements. The use of devices Laser Tracker, and Measuring Arm for geometrical analysis.

   WWTECH Company provides its clients with a complex way of problems resolving, offering them three-dimensional coordinate measurements and a full 3D documentation.

   Due to accurate measuring devices FARO (Laser Tracker, Measuring Arm) WWTECH makes it is possible to carry out uniquely accurate, fast and non-contact measurements, results of which can be analyzed in a real time.

   Combining advanced technologies and applying in every stage for realisation of tasks our company allows to obtain invarialby satyfying resluts.

   Professional, substantive and metrological preparation, appropriate machinery selection, accurate machining services and posibility of efects verification due to control in a real time, this WWTECH procedure ensures the highest quality in maximal quickness.

Faro Edge

It is a modern, easy to use measuring device. With an extreme precision of measurement, technology of applying Measuring Arm ensures efficiency, reliability and full mobility.

The scope of the work 1,8 m – 3,7 m
Repeatability from 0,024 mm to 0,064 mm


Laser Tracker FARO Vantage

It is a precise, mobile devise conducts coordinate measurements. It ensures conducts process optimisation, creation of new products and fast, with the most accurate measurement.

Maximal operating range 160 m
Volume accuracy 0,015 mm at 2 m



Dimensional analysis

Dimensions of an object quite frequently constitute a problem. Additionally, if we want that given measurements would be the most accurate, the possibilities of methods rom which we can apply significantly will narrow.


Portable machinery adjustment

Machining equipment conduct its tasks accordingly to a set guidelines, on an element of operating unit. In order to establish correctness of actions taken, a precise measurements is very important.




As – built documentation

Many companies manufacture items that contains precise elements. However, surveying instruments are not accurate enough to meet stringent standards of such components. WWTech use solutions to provide objective and extremely precise data regarding such elements.


Machine calibration

Proper operation of industrial machinery depends on their correct setting. Only a correct baseline data may ensure reliable effects of use.




CAD based verification

Very complicated elements demand proper preparation from the very first stages of design phase. CAD models allows to precisely define properties of objects that will actually be manufactured.


On delivery inspection

Delegation of very precise elements manufacturing requires a very accurate procedure of post completion parameters verification. WWTech provides an objectives, fully independent check of those characteristics in relation to the model or other specified guidelines.