Metallurgy industry

  Work in the metallurgy department often requires operation in a limited space, where access to structures requiring an intervention is difficult. The use of mobile machining methods allows us to overcomes obstacles that have been encountered over the years.

  Using of existing stationary methods, significantly extends the entire length of the proceedings. Reaching in such difficult conditions to the point of emergency often costs a lot of time and effort. Disassembly formerly was followed, or next steps the preparation stage. Thanks to the fully mobile machine equipment supported by stationary facilities, it is possible to immediately begin appropriate works, or machining. Making it allows for simultaneous evaluation and verification of the achieved effects, decreasing the break in the continuity of production.

przemysł hutniczy

Degrated surfaces miling of rolling stands
Restoring the correct geometry of the rolling stands
Restoring the nominal dimensions of the rolling stands
Regeneration of the contact surfaces in the resistance cushions (regeneration of glands)
Repair and regeneration of dowel connections
Regeneration of the surfaces under the bearings
Legalization of foundations for machines
Machining of flange connections
Regeneration and increasing of threads
Preparation of the stub-tube in boiler drums
Legalization of settings for bearings in crushing machines
Legalization of journals in ball mills for bearings
Machining of journal in blast furnance
Regeneration and repair of the threads in the abeam of worm gear
Restoring of the locking systems
Removing of the broken screws
Metrological dimensions

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.