Shipbuilding industry

  The broadly defined shipbuilding industry is a dynamic area of development, where the use of innovative technologies is required not only in the case of completely new projects. Modernization of damaged elements or elimination of emergencies is a test for next-generation solutions.

  Mobile machining is an excellent example of a response to the challenges faced in the shipbuilding industry. Precision machinery, experienced staff and the support of the metrology department make it possible to implement even the most non-standard jobs.

przemysł stoczniowy

Alignment of rudder line and shaft line in shaft
Mechanical machining of new rudders, including conical rudders
Pairing of holes connecting the rudder with the foot of rudder
Pairing of the core with the foot of rudder
Facing of flanges
Boring of embendings for regeneration inserts
Coaxial boring of bearing mountings
Coaxial boring of mountings and slots swinging connections (rotating)
Regeneration of clutch connections
Regeneration of shafts in the generators
Regeneration of surfaces in the gear box
Facing of contact flats for sealing of the propeller shaft
Milling of fundamantal flats
Honing and machining of mountings in the cylinder liners
Regeneration of dowel connections
Substructure machining of Azimuth thruster
Machining of large-sized mountings in the bearings
Legalization of the internal diameters

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.