Offshore and steel structures

  Locations of offshore constructions and its large dimensions put a number of impediments before traditional machining techniques. Mobile technology is an answer to necessity of meeting the needs. Reduction of project duration, reduction of costs and possibility to install the machinery directly on a work piece, bring new opportunities, beacuse the whole machining process is undertaken in the place of the contruction use.

  It should be emphasised that although the works take place outside the workshop, the effects do not deviate from even the most stringent metrological and performance standards and regulations. Each project is an opportunity to breech the limits.


Machining of flanges connections in the steel structures
Machining of foundations
Coaxial machining of bearings mountings
Coaxial machining of mountings for the dowel connections
Machining of faces
Drilling of holes
Creation of the threads
Machining of holes for the large-size slewing rings
Machining of seatings under the large-size dowel connections
Machining of any sealing surfaces
Lugs machining
Maching of the base and the center part of the chimney

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.