Mining industry

  Stringent conditions of the mining industry and a pressure to maintenance the operational processes is a challenging environment for a machinery working within it. That is the reason why the efficiency is a priority.

  Failures of equipment used in mining, transport and mastication of the output, these are the impediments at which it is necessary to minimize impacts on the next stages of the operation process and maximum reduction of such situations to occur in the future. For these reasons, the use of mobile machining solutions are the benefits on many levels. The lack of necessity to dismantle and transport reduces the time and costs of repairs that have been carried out. The professional metrological support and stationary facilities, which are available, guarantee the precision of performed projects and the full compliance with the highest standards of use. Thanks to that, the risk of the similar situations has been reduced to appear in the future.

przemysł górniczy

Regeneration of the settings under the bearings in the bodies of crushers
Regeneration of the surface under the bearing in the shoe of eccentric crusher
Legalization of the journals in the ball mills for bearings
Legalization of the foundation under the bearings in the stackers
Repairs and renovations of broken connections in the mining machines and construction equipment (bulldozers, excavators, loaders, off-highway trucks) – boring of the slots, bushing of the power points
Milling of the foundations for the machinery and the industrial equipment
Repair and bushing of the fixed connections and the moving parts of machinery
Repair of the holes under the bearings in the elements of conveyor belts
Machining of the journals under the bearings including the large-size bearings
10. Machining of the holes under the bearings, including the large-size bearings in the machinery of mining industry (legalization, upgrades)
Repair of the construction equipment (excavators, dozers, loaders, off-highway trucks)
Stationary machining
Creating of the elements (casings, pins, others)
Construction services

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.