Fixing machinery breakdowns

  Appearance of a breakdown is a disruption of a whole plant operation. And for that reason finding an effective method of elimination and prevention from occurrence in the future is a challenge that every person responsible for correct company operation face.

  To a range of industries mobile machining is such a solution. Quickness and accuracy in arrival to a place of breakdown, precision of performance and its ongoing progress control and elimination of unnecessary expenses are unquestionable advantages of this method.

  The use of machine tool assembled directly on parts, which require intervention, individualizes the whole process of troubleshooting. It allows for the selection of equipment and technology, which reduces to a minimum the risk of the long downtime or lack of satisfactory results.

usuwanie awarii maszyn

Removing of broken bolts
Reparing of scored bearings
Restoring tightness of connections
Presses reparing in pressed place
Removing of broken columns (poles)
Uncrewing of broken pins
Regeration of threads

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.