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Equipment and industrial machinery servising. Arranged renovation and repairing, dealing with emergencies.

How to fix worn surfaces In industrial machinery without a need to disassemble them? Elimination of breakdowns in “in-situ” technology (portable device to machining operations). Reconditioning, recovering a proper parameters of structures.

  Fully functional equipment is fundamental to company’s success. Every machine has precision elements, bearings and number of other arts, that enable its efficient operation. Those main elements, which ensure correct machine operation require specific solutions in case of a breakdown. Leaks, cracks and grooves are issues that have to be eliminated to ensure proper operation. Ensuring tightness of joints, lack of slacks and maintenance of geometry are just a few from wide usage range for our services.

  An existing way of proceedings was using stationary equipment. It took much more time, because the disassembly was necessary, transport of defective component to workshop and reassembling. This solution unables current effect verrification regarding used methods. With an implementation of a number of different operations significantly, the downtime in the operation of the machinery, and often the entire plant has been extended.

  Our method of arranged renovations, the emergencies and the unusual challenges posed by the new investments is the use of mobile machining. The omission of transportation, dismantling and reinstallation machining elements is not only saving time, but also a possibility of verification at all stages of works. Thanks to operating directly at the location of machinery, a machining tool has been istalled on the element that requires an urgent intervention. We engage the appropriate equipment necessary for the preparatory dimensions, the proper proceedings, the final acceptance and the required tests.

  An innovation of our approach allows an effective operation in almost all industrial branches.
This element requiring no machining must be in consonance with technical limits of machinery. This used machine must meet task’s requirements.

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Fixing machinery breakdowns

Appearance of a breakdown is a disruption of a whole plant operation. And for that reason finding an effective method of elimination and prevention from occurrence in the future is a challenge that every person responsible for correct company operation face.


Energy industry

Failures, sudden and unexpected downtime in the energy industry not only brings financial losses but also, and perhaps above all, losses of credibility among customers. To meet the needs of such a demanding industry, mobile machining solutions are one hundred percent reliable.


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Chemical industry

Chemical industry abounds with installations having many places difficult to access, emergencies or necessity of conservation require special conditions of safety to be maintained. Works in plants of this industry branch oblige not only  rapid response and maximal accuary but also observing the rules of increased risk and coping with the tasks maintaince the overall tightness of all connections.


Metallurgical industry

Work in the metallurgy department often requires operation in a limited space, where access to structures requiring an intervention is difficult. The use of mobile machining methods allows us to overcomes obstacles that have been encountered over the years.


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obrobki w przemysle stoczniowym

Shipbuilding industry

The broadly defined shipbuilding industry is a dynamic area of development, where the use of innovative technologies is required not only in the case of completely new projects. Modernization of damaged elements or elimination of emergencies is a test for next-generation solutions.


Foundry industry

Mobile machining in the foundry industry is a response to the need for extreme attention to the accuracy of the surface of the press and connections between its elements. Only a precise correction of deformations resulting from operation and the removal of imperfections (fractures, cracks, roughness) allows for accurate and long-term use.


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Cranes and crane constructions

Crane is a device, of which proper functioning is possible only by appropriate handling of all components. Efficient preparation, maintenance and implementing a correct proceedings in case of emergency is also a field where mobile machining can be applied.


Offshore and steel structures

Locations of offshore constructions and its large dimensions put a number of impediments before traditional machining techniques. Mobile technology is an answer to necessity of meeting the needs. Reduction of project duration, reduction of costs and possibility to install the machinery directly on a work piece, bring new opportunities, beacuse the whole machining process is undertaken in the place of the contruction use.



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Mining industry

Stringent conditions of the mining industry and a pressure to maintenance the operational processes is a challenging environment for a machinery working within it. That is the reason why the efficiency is a priority.


Machinery and industrial equpiment repairs

Repairs, both planned and those resulting from unexpected breakdowns are the problems of all sectors of industry. Fast and professionally executed reparation is possible due to a combination of essential factors such as time of taking action, appropriate equipment selection and a competent team of specialists. Our mobile machining services in a field of repair and renovations combine all those elements.


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