Grinding with portable machines

Grinding of tenons, shafts, cylinders and valves grinding without disassembling

The use of portable tools for grinding key elements of large assemblies. The characteristic of “in-situ” method of grinding.

  Finishing, where thanks to the use of abrasive tools, we obtain the required surface structure is grinding. The final treatment for high accuracy of dimensions and shape, and the final area has a small roughness.

  Grinding by using traditional technologies require disassembly of undergoing machining element and place it on the machine. The whole process lasted much longer. In-situ machining methods allow us to achieve the same final effects, this means the required structure and parameters meeting the most stringent tolerances, while eliminating unnecessary expenses. During the machining a key is a rotating machine movement around the axis of the workpiece. The material itself remains steady, allowing the use of in site technology even in the case of large-scale components.

  Leaving an established name is a reference to the final results, because the other components of the grinding process with portable machines significantly deviate from the leading implementing methods to date.

Szlifowanie czopów i wałów

Spigot and shafts grinding

Grinding is a type of machining, the aim of which is to obtain high surface finishes with a fine adjustment of the geometrics. Such proceedings in relation to the drive components such as the spigot and shaft improves the work of the entire assembly and in the future it is much less vulnerable to break downs and serious damages.


Cylinder grinding

To improve the geometrics of the external surface of the cylinder and its structure by using grinding method, which, thanks to a simple and effective solutions, has found its place among the traditional, taking place within the stationary workshops. The reversal of the handling and transfer of activities directly on the place of the day-to-day operation of a cylinder to be grinded is a reduction of the waiting time for the result by omitting the dismantling and transport of the workpiece.


szlifowanie walców

docieranie zaworów

Valve grinding

Many times small defect or slight failure block the operation of the plant for a long time, because in addition to the machining, the whole process round out the time and cost of removal of the valve, its transportation to and from the workshop, and reinstall. The use of portable machining – valves grinding with mobile machines, allows to achieve as accurate results by minimizing the adverse factors.