Design services

  Successful completion of an ordered project is possible only thanks to combination of several components allows to meet number of requirements. Considering multitude of industries which exploit on site machining solutions, it is significant to support it on every activity step.

Usługi konstruktorskie

  And because of that the link to our design office is so important. Within a field of its competence is rebuilding of equipment that got accidental breakdown, designing of completely new machines and reverse engineering. The last is the reconstruction of a missing element of repaired or renovated construction on the basis of taken measures. What is more, our constructors prepare technical documentation 3D and CAD models, everything for the sake of the projects that are fulfilled.

  Each task gives an opportunity to transfer our staff’s knowledge and experience on substantial results which come from using in situ machining service in practice. Thanks to the complementation of all of the grounds in our activity, we create a new colours of complete service anytime and anywhere.