On site machining

Complex services with portable machine tools

What is on site machining? – description of technology “in-situ” by the company WWTECH services.

  Machining is a boring, turning, milling and grinding material by using the right tool. The traditional way to achieve the demanded results, that is to say, correct alignment, geometrics, or the structure of the surface, was to put in a machine part that requires intervention.This required the fulfilment of a number of factors, which achieves the demanded effect. First, it was necessary to prepare for the transport of the subject treated, conveying to the workshop having the correct machine, machining, return transport and installation.When precision machining is required to surfaces of large scale items, the need to cope with such a long procedure involves a significant investment of time and finances. Moreover, it extends the time when the company is unable to function normally because of the unavailability of its element being machined.

  In-situ technology is inversion of the traditional way of action – transfer in place of daily use. It is done through the use of devices that are mounted directly on the element requiring intervention, without the need to organize this kind of work outside of the site.However, the accuracy of the results obtained through the use of portable machines do not differ from those reached by the stationary machining workshops.
WWTECH has a fully portable tools, which each component is a professional design giving the expected results, with even the most stringent standards. The basic machines: portable line boring, flange facers and portable milling tools, which are supported by portable drills, honing, bored beveling machines. This preparation is possible to perform high quality service, guaranteeing a further, long-lasting and effective operation.

  Having the machine is important but only a part of the activities of our company. To properly fulfil given tasks WWTECH joins several factors, which together guarantee success.

  On site machining technology by WWTECH is a suitable support of portable tools, which can obtain accuracy identical to stationary machines. Implementation of tasks in the real work condition, hence our services are not limited neither by dimensions of elements nor the size of the workshop.


Boring and turning using portable machinery

Boring and turning is broadly speaking the separation with a lathe tool layers of material of the treated subject. To achieve the correct effect both on the external surfaces (turning) and internal (boring) in traditional terms, require adaptation of the machine’s part to the circumstances of the machining workshop.


Portable milling machines

Milling is a type of machining that a key element is the rotation of the cutting tool. With it is possible to obtain a flat surfaces meeting the required tolerances. Comparing the effects of technology on site machining with a traditional stationary machining process does not give proper perspective on both methods. Only tracing the whole procedure, the next steps of the procedure allows you to see the benefits of the proposed solutions.


Grinding with portable machines

Finishing, where thanks to the use of abrasive tools, we obtain the required surface structure is grinding. The final treatment for high accuracy of dimensions and shape, and the final area has a small roughness.



Honing process is a removal of small allowances up to 0,1mm, so we can rectify a hole shape errors and ensure very high quality surface structure. This method is often referred to as cross grinding and is perfect in situations where small removal allowances are required and tolerances are very tight.


Drilling and reaming

Drilling new holes can be carried out on new structures that are built from scratch, have precisely designated locations, and all elements dimensions as well as on structures that have been in use for a long time. Sometimes during modernization or the necessity to fit existing machine structure to a new element to be put in, drilling of a new hole is necessary.
Drilling with the use of portable devices allows to reach the areas where there is a difficult access without the necessity to relocate the whole process outside of the usage territory what will extend the process’ duration.


Threading, thread cutting

On site machining is a coprehensive solution to all industry sectors. Comprehensive operations also apply to the fields of holes, where in addition to drilling, giving it a correct size and structure, thread cutting can be applied to them. Treading size we can provide range from quite small M10, M12 up to even M58. It is possible to make them in the new construcions and in the modernized or renewed holes that are exploited.


Bolts untightening

In many industries, because of the necessity fot maintenance of tightness of joints, a strong emphasis is put on bolts placed by joints. For industry branches such as chemical department, petrochemical or energetic, only a correct and proven technology of bolts untightening allows to achieve proper functioning of the enterprise.


Cutting and chamfering of pipes

Adequate preparation of pipes, so that a structure they create correctly perform tasks given is the aim, which determines the success of long-term ventures. Cutting to a required dimensions or chamfering as a preparation to welding is a very important task and, at the same time, difficult to perform without a specific operating activities



Several times, to ensure proper operations of treated elements or assembles of elements, it is not enough to implement machining as the only solution. Apart from process of drilling, milling or other using portable machinery, there is often a need to apply hardfacing which consists in coating objects in a layer of metal and melting the surface at the same time.


Stationary machining

Comprehensiveness of services offered by us as the mobile machining is possible thanks to the fusion of several aspects that form a coherent whole. Adequate on site machinery, experience staff and stationery support enables to develop drafts of comprehensive solutions for all branches of the industry.


Design services

Successful completion of an ordered project is possible only thanks to combination of several components allows to meet number of requirements. Considering multitude of industries which exploit on site machining solutions, it is significant to support it on every activity step.


Special machining

Approaching each case individually, designing the most efficient as well as effective solutions and constant improvement of our experience and technology – those are the principles of our success at work. Thanks to the developed, highest standards of work, even the most unconventional project does not discourage us from taking it up.