Chemical industry

  Chemical industry abounds with installations having many places difficult to access, emergencies or necessity of conservation require special conditions of safety to be maintained. Works in plants of this industry branch oblige not only  rapid response and maximal accuary but also observing the rules of increased risk and coping with the tasks maintaince the overall tightness of all connections.

  Solutions of portable machning meet the above criteria. Qualified and experienced staff select all necessary parameters to gain the proper effect with minimal severity degree. Matching the right materials accompanying the diversification of supply: pneumatic or hydraulic, depending on the circumstances of the task, these are the advantages of projects’ realization involving portable devices.

przemysł chemiczny

Processing of flat rebates, planning area of the fronts. Regeneration of rebates in refrigerating plants (cooler CO2)
Regeneration and legalization of surface grooves under the rings of any kind (including the sealing lenticular type RTJ, etc.)
Machining valves – regeneration, legalization and repair of the surface in the steam valves, e.g. over milling, turning, grinding
Boring of grooves and ducts for protection
Legalization, regeneration and machining of slots by turning, e.g. precise boring of bearing seatings
Milling flat surfaces of any size
Milling of foundations for machines
Surface sealing machining of the conical section
Metrological dimensions
Modernization of the connections (e.g. duct rework type RTJ on the type connection – tongue and groove)
Restoring of the tightness connections in the autoclave
Repair of the rebate type tongue and groove (male-female)
Legalization and regeneration sealing connections of water pumps bodies
Machining of flanges – regeneration, legalization of contact surfaces in flanges connections of pipeline network
Regeneration and legalization flanges connections and key seals in the planes and bodies of process devices, e.g. heat exchangers
Regeneration of flanges in the bottom-boards process devices
Repairs of surface on the stub tubes next to the bodies hearing process
Milling of sealing surfaces in reactors and large tanks (diameter even above 4 m)
Removal of broken pins and screws (thread M200)
Regeneration of threads
Cutting and chamfering of the pipes
Legalization of clutch connections
Regeneration of turnings in the bodies
Elements removal that cannot be dismantled in accordance with procedures

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.