Foundry industry

  Mobile machining in the foundry industry is a response to the need for extreme attention to the accuracy of the surface of the press and connections between its elements. Only a precise correction of deformations resulting from operation and the removal of imperfections (fractures, cracks, roughness) allows for accurate and long-term use.

  Finding a way that satisfies both requirements for quality, and often limited access to places of emergency is a problem, the solution is to mobile machining. It does not limit its place, the space or the size of the machine. Compact equipment and the possibility of any mounting them go hand in hand with the precision and accuracy to complete each task, in the shortest time possible throughout the process, a downtime of machine.

przemysł odlewniczy

Geometry restoring in order to improve the operation of injection molding machines
Milling of moving and stable plates in injection molding machines
Milling of guide rails
Repair of locking system e.g. scissor system
Regeneration of cylindrical surfaces in the forging hammers
Repair of dowel conncetions in the locking systems
Repair of degraded holes in the switches of casting machine
Milling of the surface under the insert in the plate
Regeneration and performing new T-slots
Milling of embeded areas in the plates of the press
Geometric analysis of the presses
Repair of presses for the automotive industry
Removing of broken columns of injection molding machines

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.