Machinery and industrial equpiment repairs

  Repairs, both planned and those resulting from unexpected breakdowns are the problems of all sectors of industry. Fast and professionally executed reparation is possible due to a combination of essential factors such as time of taking action, appropriate equipment selection and a competent team of specialists.

  Our mobile machining services in a field of repair and renovations combine all those elements. Reversal of existing procedures, namely, instead of dismantling and transport of individual parts of the machine to the workshop, mounting of the equipment for machining directly on them, not only allows for the apparent savings in time and costs. It allows also on the current control of progress and the possible verification of the chosen method in action.

  Thanks to mobile machining sloutions, we can conduct repairs and renovations within every industry branch. Wherever the precision of performance and the behavior of dimensional accuracy is important whilst reducing the costs and time of action, the appopriate step is the choice of our services.

remonty maszyn i urzadzeń

Modernization and repair of the permanent connections
Regeneration and repair of the mobile connections
Modernization of equipment by machining directly on the element
Restoring of the correct geometry in the machines
Machining of the track in the rotating ring
Repair of machine foundations
Locksmith works, including drilling, tapping
Removing of broken, damaged, blocked elements

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.