Enegry industry

  Failures, sudden and unexpected downtime in the energy industry not only brings financial losses but also, and perhaps above all, losses of credibility among customers. To meet the needs of such a demanding industry, mobile machining solutions are one hundred percent reliable.

  The reversal procedure in the implementation of accurate machining creates new opportunities which are based on speed and accuracy. The mounting of the machine directly on the repaired element allows you to conduct all works without unnecessary dismantling of the machine and necessity to handle. Thanks to that, we elimate the possibility of apperance shape mistakes, location of specific elements and treated structure. The whole machining process is accompanied by stationary base and the permanent metrological control that supports and regulates the work of our staff.

energetyka konwencjonalna

Conventional energy industry – Services
Legalization (upgrades and repairs) grooves – front, sealed and embeded surfaces in the steam turbine housing
Centring of high pressure and low pressure steam turbine housings
Surface retained machining under the clamp and the stators of high pressure, low pressure and intermedia pressure in the steam turbine housings
Legalization and branches modernization in the high pressure, low pressure and intermediaye pressure steam turbine housings
Legalization of the front surfaces, sealed and embeded centrifugal pumps
Legalization of contact planes for glands in high pressure, low pressure and intermediate pressure steam turbines housings
Modernization and legalization hull of valves chambers of high pressure, low pressure and intermediate pressure steam turbines
Machining of surfaces for diffusers
Legalization and regeneration of sealed surfaced (pads, grooves, intakes ect.) flanged joints in arterial and technological piping passage (e.g. over turning, milling)
Repair of holes surface in case for large-scale bearings
Modernization and legalization of the clutch connections (retrofit of clutch connection)
Regeneration of the journal surface in ball mills
Regeneration of dowel connections
Restoring of closing systems
Coaxial boring of bearing stands
Boring of the downpipes in order to remove microcracks
Machning of sealing surfaces in the main water pump
Beveling pipes for welding
Legalization of pads on the boiler steam drums
Coaxial boring of ducts for sealing
Modernization of turbine casings for mounting sensors and probes – making slots and sockets for thermocouple
Milling locks for the stators
Regeneration of internal threads

energetyka wiatrowa

Wind power industry – Services
Legalization and modernization of slots surfaces, cases and journals for large-elements bearings
Regeneration of bearing mounting in gear of generator
Coaxial boring of bearing mountings
Machining of mounting in rotation bearings
Correction machining of mounted slots for flange connections

energetyka wodna

Water power industry – Services
Coaxial boring of embedings in steering vanes e.g. under Deva bushes
Legalization of slots under bearings
Large-element Boring of large-element parts in water turbines
Milling surfaces of large-element water turbines
Corrective machining of dowels

What is more, we also specialize in untypical tasks limited in time.