Stationary machining

  Comprehensiveness of services offered by us as the mobile machining is possible thanks to the fusion of several aspects that form a coherent whole. Adequate on site machinery, experience staff and stationery support enables to develop drafts of comprehensive solutions for all branches of the industry.

Obróbka stacjonarna

  The basis created by stationary machines and by remaining on the market for a long time, enables to extend range of service (performed mobile too) with a fixed base.
Proper complementation of two activity grounds guarantees stable access to the workshop which provides spare parts to portable machines or to additional parts which enables making modifications dependant on entrusted projects. What is more, we are able to prepare subsidiary components to structure processing. As the workshop’s staff remain in close cooperation with the operators and constructors from the portable machinery park, the work remains coherent, without unnecessary process extending.

  Our corporate strategy is blending tradition with the modernity, deriving the best from both, with a common vision of development and facing new challenges.