Portable machines milling

Stationary and on site milling.

Stationary and mobile milling.
The characteristics of both technologies according to the experience of WWTECH Services

  Milling is a type of machining that a key element is the rotation of the cutting tool. With it is possible to obtain a flat surfaces meeting the required tolerances.

  Comparing the effects of technology on site machining with a traditional stationary machining process does not give proper perspective on both methods. Only tracing the whole procedure, the next steps of the procedure allows you to see the benefits of the proposed solutions.

  For portable milling machines the most important thing is to reach the element that requires the intervention, regardless of the difficulty of place and space. For that reason a reversal of the technological process takes place. Milling machine is mounted directly on the workpiece and the process that is carried out is subject to the ongoing review. However, the results do not differ from those obtained in the workshop. In addition, however, there are considerable savings in time and costs associated with the lack of need of transport and dismantling of individual parts of the structure.

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Flat surface milling

Milling is designed to restore the correct flatness of surfaces, many times it is necessary to meet the tolerances, to correctly comply with its task. Often, however, to reach the surface that requires the treatment and obtain the desired parameters is related with overcoming many obstacles.


Radial surface milling

Radial-shaped surfaces can be found on large-size flanges, presses and foundations, bearing seatings and seatings in the shape of a circle are some of the places where the maintenance of the flatness and geometrics require the use of mechanical machining.


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Współosiowe wytaczanie wielkogabarytowe

Milling of grooves

The task of the adjacent surfaces is primarily to preserve tightness. To attain this objective makes it easy to apply additional ways to maintain physical containment, such as sealing grooves. Milling is a method with which you can create totally new grooves, but also modernize and legalize already existing ones.


Milling of sliding/integral keys

Embed the new elements on the large-size assembles is a task that requires precision of preparation and execution. Although the element treated is usually much smaller in size, its parameters are crucial for the operation of the entire assembly. Mounting on shaft locks to place items in the correct position is the most common example of the use of portable milling machines.


Special milling

In response to the challenges of today’s rapidly growing industry in any field, it was necessary to create such a machining method that meet the requirements. All industries despite different fields of work expect efficiency, speed and professionalism of the services they use.