Special milling

  In response to the challenges of today’s rapidly growing industry in any field, it was necessary to create such a machining method that meet the requirements. All industries despite different fields of work expect efficiency, speed and professionalism of the services they use.

frezowanie specjalne

  Getting flat with no imperfections surface that meet the most stringent standards it is a task, which we realize, even under the most difficult conditions. Our goal is to implement the standards of accuracy of stationary machining beyond the limitations of machines and equipment.

  Milling using portable machines, which can be mounted on any parts of the machine that requires intervention, allows us to adjust the procedure to each job individually, and verify the results on an ongoing basis. To obtain precise parameters and the correct geometrics, both during the preparation of the components of the new structures and the modernisation and legalisation of those in operation without a must to apply machining in the workshop. Thanks to technology developed by our team and the total freedom of the availability of top-quality equipment ceased to exist the concept of standard order. Each task is an opportunity to enlarge of the range of our capabilities.