Repairs and maintaining the operation in the chemical industry. Scientific and technical conference.

WWTECH SERVICES once again have taken part in the scientific and technical conference, organized by the BMP publishing.

This conference is an event gathering industry professionals. It allows for the exchange of experience and familiarization with new technologies and technical guidelines.

The leading topics were:

  • The way for the effective maintenance management
  • The way to support the engineer. Systems and tools to support the work of R&M services.
  • The way for a longer work of the installation. How do we exploit it to work longer?
  • Reapair downtime of installation. Management of renovation project in practice.
  • The way for renovation. Adjusting of the repair policy to the plant strategy.
  • The way for R&M. New solutions anc technologies for industry.

More about the conferency can be found on the webside: