In March, using the 3D Faro Laser Tracker, we commissioned the customer to measure the mill cage most used from the entire production line. These measurements showed the necessity to carry out the treatment consisting in the restoration of the geometry to the nominal value.

We started the project at the beginning of July and it lasted only 11 days. The engineers of our company worked in 24h mode. In spite of the long preparations, it was necessary to modify the machines on the job site. This situation arose by machining additional surfaces and collisions of adapted machines with elements of the object.

The machined surfaces had to be positioned in relation to each other in high tolerances imposed by the manufacturer in all three planes.

This project was not an easy one, but despite some complicated treatments, it was completed successfully. This was possible only thank to our experience, equipment, construction office and own tool-room with stationary machines that were able to react at any time during the work.

An additional satisfaction is the customer’s trust, which for the first time carried out the repair in such a wide range and entrusted this task to our company.