Hydropower Plant Murkraftwerke Graz

In March 2017, ANDRITZ HYDRO begins supplying electromechanical equipment for a new hydro plant in the heart of Graz, the capital of the Austrian province of Styria. The start-up of the power plant is planned for the first half of 2019.
Before the construction is completed, it is necessary to install the power plant equipment:
turbines, generators, flaps, various types of drives and control systems. And here is the place for our services. Of course, as in a hydroelectric power plant, the main task is to process large-size flanges.

It is a very avant-garde design, which can be seen in the following visualizations:

More about the plant:

The current state indicates that there is still a lot to be done.
As usual, the work begins with accurate measurements. In the foreground, the measurement head of the Laser Tracker device, and the measured object deep in the background, behind the scaffolding.
Initial setup of the machine at the workplace.
Centering the machine using Laser Tracker.
View from the top
Machine ready
During machining…
Finished. Time to change the configuration – to process a larger flange in the same mounting
Continued processing. This time the outer collar
Time for a change, we move to a new processing place.
Re-installation of the machine. As usual, under the supervision of Laser Tracker ™.
Ready. Machine tool ready to work.
Already during the treatment, it turned out that the surface damages of the workpiece are too deep.
The customer decides to fill the cavities with padding. Here is the result.
We continue processing
Finished. Now a short rest and then the same next – on block 2.

Note: the above photojournalism does not contain a description of the complete sequence of activities but only selected stages of work. All activities were performed in accordance with health and safety regulations.